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Want to help?

First of all, thank you for thinking about trying to help us on this journey.

We would be very grateful to receive help from you in the following 3 ways:


The most important piece of this journey is and will continue to be Prayer.  Therefore your prayers are a huge help and we are very honored by them.  You can find our prayer requests on the page named “prayers.”  There is a link here above in green.


While we have saved and raised the majority of the funds we will need while serving in Tanzania, we still have a little more financial need left in order to be able to afford food, transportation and utilities.  We will be making a small amount of money while working at HOPAC school which will cover most of our living expenses, but will not be enough to cover all of our monthly expenses for basic needs.

If you feel called to help us to meet this expense, we would be very grateful.  We estimate a total need of about $10,000 according to all the estimates sent to us by people currently serving at HOPAC.  This will help us cover food, transportation and utilities while in Tanzania.  We thank you so much in advance for your gifts. (there is more information below about giving)

We have faith in the Lord for this provision.  Matthew 6:25-34.


We really love hearing from you!  Send us emails, postcards, boxes of really well preserved cookies, pictures, skype calls, anything.  Words of encouragement are a wonderful language of love which we respond very well to.  Please send any size supportive message to us that you want.  We love them all.

This journey is sure to be adventure filled with excitement as well as a test in many ways yet unknown to us.  Your encouraging word will help us emensly through the peaks and valleys of the next year.  While we will have some awesome community while in Africa, we will not have all of you there everyday.  So give us a shout.  Now and often.  We need your suppport!

Thank you,

Austin & Amy Baum


How to give financially.

There are 3 easy ways.  Choose your favorite.

1. ONLINE, via PayPay.  Fastest & Easiest.  We receive your donation to quickest this way.   Just click the Donate button.

2. CHECK. you can simply mail us a check to 4015 E Camino LLanoso, Tucson AZ 85718.  Easy as Pie!


Our friends at YoungLife have setup the ability to receive Tax Deductible Donations!  It’s extremely kind of them to process these for us.

  • CHECK. If you would like your check to be tax deductible, please make it out to YOUNGLIFE and put our names in the memo line.  We’ll take care of the rest!  Mail it here: 4015 E Camino LLanoso, Tucosn AZ, 85718
  • ONLINE. You can make tax deductibe donations online!  Follow these steps to make sure they get to the right place!
  2. enter YOUR infomation in the Donor section
  3. under “Gift Designation” click on “A YOUNG LIFE AREA MINISTRY”
  4. then search for the area number “X444”  –  You’ll see Baum/Tanzania when you find it.
  5. just enter your payment info below and click “Submit.”



We really are so grateful for your support!

Austin and Amy is back up!

The HOPAC site is back up!

There is some good info on there about the school we will be teaching at.