Student Council Retreat

This year I have been working with the primary student council of HOPAC. I help Amanda Maxwel who has run the student council in the past. The student council is made of three elected officers from my class and two representatives from each grade kindergarted to fifth grade. We have a great group of kids, who are a lot of fun and who are wonderful leaders at HOPAC.

In order to build the student council unity, we held a student council retreat at the Larmey’s household (the perfect place to hold a gathering here in Dar). During our time together we did team building activities like the human pretzel, people pass and the sitting circle. We took time to talk about what a leader is and we planned our upcoming events. Afterwards we swam in the pool and ate some delicious pizza. The kids had so much fun and really did prove their leadership skills.

I pray that as the year carries on, that they will all continue to grow as leaders wherever they are.

Stuco Retreat and Brett and Christy 025

The Human Knot

Stuco Retreat and Brett and Christy 029

Sitting Circle

Stuco Retreat and Brett and Christy 038

Making a Pyramid


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  1. Aimers:
    I miss those retreats with you!!! I was just laughing about the fire incident the other day. Thank God we both are better cooks now!! I love you so very much.
    God be with you my beautiful daughter,


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