International Swim Gala

Stuco Retreat and Brett and Christy 066This weekend we went to the International Swim Gala. International is not quite what we picture for international, seeing as how countries are much closer together here, but it is still a competition none the less.

There were kids from all over, from different schools competing at all different age levels. Some teams are more a just for fun situation, while others are very serious and ready to devour the competition. Regardless of the competition, it is a very fun event. It reminded me of the days of swim team. The whole family together, mom and dad timing or working the snack bar, playing cards with friends in between races and scarfing junk food right before you hop in the water. I really do miss those days. I am hoping that one day, I can relive those days again with my own kids.


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  1. Aimers and Austin:
    The grand kids don’t have a chance. They will HAVE to be on swim team!! Daddy and I still miss timing and hanging with the Lopez’s. (I still feel guilty about telling Katie that her broken ankle was just her being dramatic! šŸ™‚ ) Thanks for sharing the international swim gala with us.
    I love you,


  2. There was a swimming competition of some sort at the pool?! I was there but apparently missed out on the festivities — I guess I was too busy admiring the business sense and calm style of the one guy who was selling juice and snacks…


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