Just living

I have not been super inspired to write a blog post about anything that has been going on lately. This is not because things have been boring, but more because we are just living everyday life.

Austin is very busy in his new position at the school. He is the official IT administrator. This is requiring a lot more time from him, but I think that he is enjoying it. He is very good at being an administrator, so this works out quite nicely. Recently he has also been given many other random tasks. He is teaching a photography class for a bit while the photography teacher is back in the U.S. He continues helping with the Grade 1 swimming class. His newest responsibility is quite amusing though. He is the new sex ed teacher for the 6th grade boys. The boys were allowed to write down any questions they had about their bodies, relationships, and all that comes along with growing up. So far after the first week they have discussed these topics: Hair on my body: Where should it grow and what should be shaved?, Dating girls: Why would we ever want to do that?, Girl Problems: What is a tampon?, Body odor and the Importance of Deodorant. I am eager to see what they ask next week!

As for me, I am chugging away with teaching. My class is still doing well. We have begun reading about Ancient Rome. Having a class that is made up of mostly boys, they are eating up the blood, guts, and glory.

At HOPAC, we have adopted the British tradition of splitting the school up into houses ( much like Harry Potter). The Houses for HOPAC are Blue, Black, Green and Yellow. These are the colors of the Tanzanian flag. There has been a lot of hype about earning house points, which has caused a lot of school spirit to erupt.  This week we have had a Soccer Tournament among the primary houses. My kids were covered in paint, hoarse from screaming and all wound up from competing in the games. It was so fun to watch them get so pumped up for their teams.

Next week we are going to do a Spirit Week. The kids will be encouraged to show kindness throughout the week with Warm Fuzzies, Coin collections to raise money to give water to those who cannot afford it, giving thanks on Thanksgiving, and a big assembly to wrap it all up. I am excited to see how it all comes into play. I have been very busy planning and organizing the coming week’s events. Loving every minute of reliving the days of Student Council!

Besides that, we have been hanging out with our new roommates. Still waiting on Baby Baylor. Hoping she comes on Saturday because that is the day that I bet she would come.

We have been out of power for almost three days now and had to take all of our food to the school fridge. Although power outages are normal, the power has been good around here. Our compound, has been an exception apparently we are having a problem with the transformer. Truly I feel so spoiled by having power here anyways, so I am not complaining.

Otherwise, we really are just living life here and soaking up our time in Tanzania.



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