Swimming with William’s Village

Once again we had the opportunity to help our friends Brandon and Amanda out with the village work that they do.

Today they put together a Swim Day at the Hopac campus. William the Pastor of the village, and a worker at HOPAC, brought about 40 kids in a Dala Dala over to HOPAC to spend some time in the water, to eat and to play in a jumping castle.

The kids are so cute, and since we have met them before, we are starting to be able to remember names. The range from age 4 to age 18. They are always excited to be around you and always want you to play.

Having fun on the Jumping Castle

Even though they all live so very close to the ocean, many Tanzanian’s have no idea how to swim. So this is a great opportunity for them to get some basic swim skills down in a safe setting. A few of them have a few skills and are tall enough to stand in the shallow end. Many are able to use a noodle and float around but do not have any real swimming skills. Then there are those who have no swimming skills and need to use your body as a buoy at all times. There were only 5 adults in the pool for all of these kids, one of which did not know how to swim very well. So the four of us jumped in and started playing. With so many kids you have to rotate who you are holding and make sure everyone is getting a turn. They really loved jumping from the side, learning how to kick and of course the favorite 1, 2, 3 and under game.

We really love working with the village kids and are hoping to do more and more with them.

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