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Egg Drop

my class

The view from up above.

 After learning about Flight and Rocketry, and specifically parachutes, the fifth grade gets an awesome opportunity. The design a contraption/parachute that will protect and egg when dropped from the top of a Fire Engine ladder. This is one of the highlights of the year FOR SURE!

going up
Getting Ready

 The kids put so much work into what they are creating, and really came up with some great designs.

After getting over nerves, each of them went up and dropped their eggs. An overwhelming majority of the eggs survived, which was super exciting.


Way up there!The view from up above. Celebration! Our Egg SURVIVED!

 I am pretty sure that this could not/would not happen in America, due to liability, no helmets, no permission slips, and so on. So I am marveling in this fun event while I can. I would highly reccomend it if you ever have the chance.


Brett, Christie and soon to be BABY…….

Just a few days after we moved into our new house with Kate, we added two more roommates. So we went from being in a house by ourselves to living with three and a half people pretty much overnight. Lots of fun for sure!

Brett and Christie are currently doing missionary work in Geita, a city on the Northwestern coast of Tanzania, by Lake Victoria. They have been here for about 9 months, so they got pregnant right as they arrived here. Anyways, they opted to have their baby girl here in Dar, as the healthcare is much better here and way more advanced than in Geita.

While here, they have been hanging out in our hot house, pole sana, catching up on some rest, and cruising the streets of Dar. Mostly I enjoy that they make us dinner and that they are wonderful company. The baby is due any day now so before we know it we will have a new born in the house. Praise the Lord for new roommates and babies.

Stuco Retreat and Brett and Christy 076

The Beard and Belly picture they send out to friends and family. He has not shaved since they got pregnant!