Rikka Nne

Last night. Dinner at White Sands Hotel.

For two weeks in February, we had the pleasure of hanging out with “Rikka Nne,” meaning fourth group or class. In the past few years, Young Life Africa has started a training intensive for key leaders in each of the different countries in which Young Life is underway. The leaders came from all over Africa, 11 countries to be exact. (Liberia, Ethiopia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, D.R. Congo, Senegal, Tanzania, (and Zanzibar not technically another country) Uganda, Sierra Leone, and Mozambique) Amazing if you ask me!

I have so much to say about this training but don’t really know where to start. Each day they had different people leading them, some from the SALT team and others who came from America, teaching them about the basics of Young Life, but more importantly about creating foundations in Christ so that they can continue to be fruitful in their work.

Zimbabwe native Zebra dress.

A made up Kenyan figure and a Congalese King!

Traditional LIberian dress.

It all began with a welcoming dinner. They all dressed in their native clothing. Some of them beautiful and others quite amusing. They each prepared a small welcome to the Americans who were doing some of the training for them. A wedding band started the parade, this is really just a group of musicians who hop in the back of a white pick up and play all the way down the road. Usually they are used for weddings but they are super fun for any occasion really. We are just waiting for an excuse to get one. : ) Then each group did their performance. Dancing from Zimbabwe, drumming from Liberia, singing from Ethiopia and so much more. We then ate a delicious dinner catered by BBQ village, which in my opinion is some of the best food around in Dar.

Because we work full time and we are not really a part of the training, we were in and out, but thankfully did get to spend time with them. For the rest of the week they continued their training.

Worhsiping YL style!

During the weekend we were able to joint them on the beach for a BBQ and Bonfire which was lots of fun. They are all very passionate about soccer so they competed East Africa versus West Africa. It was a big deal. So much fun. West Africa won. I am impartial.

They were all so incredible. Each country brought so much to the table in life experience and culture. Throughout the two weeks different countries took turns making food for the group.  We joined them on the night D.R. Congo was cooking. The food was different for sure. The spread included Ugali, a rice like substance that people depend on here, mchicha, spinach dish, dried small fish in a peanut sauce (that one was not my favorite), baked bananas served with a nut spread, chicken that was cooked in a delicious sauce of some kind, and a large variety of sweet potatoes.

Ethiopia greeting the Wazungu (foreigners)

On the last night, their was a commissioning ceremony. We went White Sands, a nice hotel right down the road from the Larmey’s house, for dinner. Then we all came home for the ceremony. They had all bonded so much and it was such a joy to be around them. We ended with a final time of worship which was lively and full of energy. It was sad to see them all go but it was so wonderful to be apart of this unique experience.

Pray that Rikka Nne, will be able to go back and be the leaders they have been called by God to be for their countries.

Group Photo


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