International School Training

During February for a very short few days, Austin and I got to partake in the International School Training for Young Life Africa.

Working with International schools is very different from what the rest of YL Africa looks like. The International schools are made up of wealthy African students, and students from all over the World whose parents work in government jobs or NGO’s. Many of the schools are boarding schools which leaves the students with little to do. So having someone come and bring ice cream or play games is lots of fun for them. I really admire our friends who are doing this because for the most part they are completely on their own. There is not a support system and group of people doing the same thing as they are in the same town. It is just this small group. The work is hard but very rewarding.

Kathy Conner, who is from Florida and has worked for Young Life for a long time, came over to do this training for this very small yet amazing group of people. We spent a lot of time just processing how we are balancing our spiritual walks with the rest of life, and time in fellowship. We loved spending time with our friends Zac and Hannah, who do YL in Arusha, Fluffy (aka Alisa), YL Moshi, and Neal and Sarah, YL Dar es Salaam.

It was a great time with wonderful people. On one of the nights we had a BBQ on the beach. We had a delicious surf and turf and played on Bocce ball on the beach. We are very thankful for this great community of friends here in Africa.


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