Birthday Club!

Birthday Hats (note the recycled Blue Band hats)

Who doesn’t love Birthdays?

I would venture to say that of all of the themed clubs I have done over the years, Birthday Club is still on  the top of my list.

Here are my reasons why:

My very own home made Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

1. Everyone loves birthdays and you only get one a year, so why not pretend and add another.

2. The games are so fun and take me back to memory lane. Pin the tail on the donkey,  Hitting the pinata, Musical Chairs and so many more.

3. Birthday Songs. Okay so most people only know the birthday song, but I have an awesome collection of some sweet Birthday Jams like “Hip Hop Happy Birthday,” “Ice Cream and Cake,” and “Happy Birthday Techno Remix.”

4. Birthday Decorations. So fun. So easy. Birthday hats that make your chin itch. Blowers that give out too easily. Streamers. Balloons. And shiny Birthday Banners.

Dyan cutting the amazing Birthday Cake!

5. Birthday Cake! Delicious. Doesn’t matter what kind, color or flavor.

6. Goody bags for the way home.

We put together Birthday Club for Wyld Life and it was a hit. If you haven’t tried it yet you should.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pizza Time with the girls.


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