Grill Time

The long awaited grill has come and Austin has officially begun the DMGA (Dar es Salaam Men’s Grill Association). He is super pumped about this and I must admit that I am too.

Being the researching type, Austin made sure to look around and get the best grill Dar es Salaam had to offer. In Dar there is no Home Depot or grill specialty store to get your grill from. No, here there are men on the side of the road who are grill “fundi’s” or experts if you will.  After much research he decided on THE grill that fit the bill.

DMGA and Grill

A few weeks later he got a bunch of men together, and a truck and bought the grill!

Since then we have used the grill a few times. We are still trying to get a feel for it and figure out which charcoal to use and such but I would say our attempts have been successful.

We had a big BBQ with all of our neighbors and many friends from the community. It was so much fun! Austin and I always love having people over and what better excuse than a new grill. We ate some delicious chips, salsa, and guacamole (homemade of course), hamburgers, and funfetti cake all the way from America. We had a dance party for the kids and lots of laughter with friends. Hopefully we can get more BBQ’s going very soon!


Party Time!

The grill master.

Dance Party!!!!

Thanks to all the Mantime Men out there who helped support the DMGA BBQ! You have no idea what it means over here!!!!!


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