New Supermarket

A new supermarket has opened just a few hundred feet down the road, and I could not be happier! Going to the grocery store is not a quick trip of convenience here. At our house in Tucson, I can get to the grocery store and back with in 15 mins. Now that is fast!

Here the grocery store is about 10 or 15 miles away, not really sure. However, there are only 2 main roads to get there, each of which take a good 30 mins to get to with no traffic. With traffic however, it can be over 2 or 3 hours.

With that being said, I have been trying to figure a way to get everything we need locally. Locally meaning, with in walking distance, or a short ride on the dala dala. Thankfully, across the street, we have a duka with flour, beans, rice and a few other essentials, and right next door is a great hardware store. Down the road about a mile are a whole group of dukas where I can get fruits and vegetables, oil, toiletries and other of our daily needs.

There are however, a few items that we just cannot get from these places. These include cheese, good yogurt, chicken, ground beef, apples, asparagus, and a few other special treats.

I was thrilled to hear that a new grocery store was going to open so close. We made to short trek down and found that they have a lot of our everyday items and a bit more. Although they don’t have our special items, the fact that they are so close makes my life a lot easier! I guess the saying is true, you can’t fully appreciate something until you no longer have it. I am grateful for our new grocery store and how convenient it is!


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