As the end of scholastic year is finally here, so too comes the end of the year assessments. As a teacher I really dislike this time of year. My first year of teaching testing was the climax of the year. Everything we did was built upon THE TEST. This drove me nuts! Thankfully, at HOPAC, I have had less pressure of this kind, which is great. I have been able to be more creative, cover more material more thoroughly, and overall I think my students this year have learned a ton more than my previous students.

I still however, do not like testing. As a kid, and really all the way through my schooling, I was not a good test taker. If I was given material to study and worked hard I did well, but on the state administered tests I never did well. I always felt like I was lesser because of this growing up. I am now very aware that this is not the case but the pressure was no fun.

Watching my students feel the same pressure, even if it is less here, is no fun. They are all wonderful students, and although some have more weaknesses academically than others they all have great strengths. I dislike that a few days of testing determines how they will continue on in their schooling.

Thankfully, God has blessed us all with many talents and being at the top of the testing curve does not equal beautiful and successful in the eyes of our creator. I pray that all of my students would understand and embrace this during their academic careers.


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  1. Posted by Mom on June 1, 2010 at 9:48 am

    Well said my beautiful daughter!! I love you.


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