End of the Year

The end of the school year has finally come. Throughout most of my life, the end of the school year always seemed to come so quickly, this year this was not the case. Coming from Arizona, I am used to school getting out mid-May and having a full at least 2 and a half months off of school. Being at HOPAC, I have learned that the Brits do not have this long of a summer and therefore the school year did not end until the end of June. I think this would not have been as much of an issue for me if the last few weeks were filled with exams, grades and things that seemed worthy of being in school still. This however, was not the case. The last few weeks were filled with sports days, swim galas, talent shows, movie watching, and many more filler days. My students graduated a week and a half before school ended, which made my job as a teacher seem quite impossible, what was I supposed to carry on with after I had already said congratulations and given them certificates. Most of the secondary school, also had finished their exams and were doing the same thing, stalling until the last day. Maybe it is just my naive American education perspective that made me think this time was a bit of a drag but was it really necessary?
Now, don’t get me wrong, I did soak up the extra days with my students who I love so much, and we played lots of games and had great times, and for that I was very thankful.
The end of the year has come and gone. I am so grateful for HOPAC and the year that we have had. I am most thankful for my students and their families, and all we have learned together this year.

IT Guru's celebrating the last day!

Getting ready to compete in the swim gala.

Grade 5 Graduation Ceremony

: ) Last day of school

The little's swimming across the pool.


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