HOPAC’s Got Talent!

Since the beginning of the school year, I have been helping moderate the primary student council. I have loved doing this, as Student Council was one of the activities I loved most throughout middle and high school. Every year the student council is in charge of the end of the year talent show, which I was very excited to help facilitate.
We held tryouts, in which each act had to be under 2 mins, and well prepared. My amazing student council leaders were ready to do the judging and did a great job organizing. A few of the student council members volunteered to be MC’s for the event and were very eager to be a part of the big show. They all wrote their own scripts to introduce each act, which were quite clever. After a few rehearsals, they were feeling ready for their moment to shine.
On performance day, we made a big banner for the back drop and set up the stage so that it really looked more like a stage for performing.
Parents, teachers, students and friends came to watch their little darling up on stage. Some of the acts included:
– A cute little girl singing the hit by Mary Chapin Carpenter Sing Sing a Song.
– Another cute girl singing the always popular It’s a Small WOrld. (Many teachers were not happy with me later, as it was stuck in their head all day long.)
– Two boys doing magic tricks, Including pick a card and card, and pulling rabbits out of a hat. Magician’s hat, wand, and cape were present as well.
– Two precious girls diva like singing to Hit Me Baby One More Time.
– Two boys who lay down 3 cushions and did one somersault, each one a separate act from the other. (Note I am not so sure about the talent on this one, but the crowd enjoyed it and I thought it better to build them up then let them down.)
– A sweet kindergarten girl who wrote her very own song about how Jesus loves us. : )
– Three sweet girls dressed like fairies standing under a painted rainbow singing somewhere over the rainbow. A crowd favorite.
-Two of my fifth graders doing a comedy routine. One dressed as a chicken and one as a cow.
-Piano and violin acts.
And the winners…
– A second grade boy singing to Wild Wild West who had great stage presence and charisma.
– A fourth grader who played the piano beautifully.
– And number one went to Celia, a second grader who sang , The Battle Is Not Ours, like an angel.

And lets not forget my amazing MC’s they were prepared, and enthusiastic the whole show. There were a few tears at the end for those who did not win, but overall they loved it and they got a all got a chu chu (otter pop like treat).

Overall, the event went so well and I was so proud of them. They ven got a great compliment from the principal who has been at HOPAC for many years that it was possibly the best talent show she had seen at HOPAC. Way to go STUCO!

A cow, and MC and a chicken

Somewhere over the Rainbow : )

Ta da!!!

These dolls sang hit me baby one more time.

The after show.

The winners!

The whole shabang


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