Planting Grass

One piece at a time

Some things… Okay many things that are done here in Tanzania are not done efficeintly, or conveniently, at least from my American perspective.

For example, the stairs in our house here have a half step that is shaped like a piece of a pie chart at each turn, ensuring that you will trip almost every time you are going up or down them.

Or when building a house the builders simply make a hole for a door or window that they feel is about the right size, and then the door and window experts come and hand craft a window or door to fit the hole.

Or when building a house they wait until it is erected to think about how piping and electrical circuits should be arranged. This results in many more hours of trying to fix the work that was done poorly in the first place.

There are many others, but the one that takes the top of the cake in my opinion is they way in which they plant grass. No machines or tools. No seeds. No already ready to go grass pads.

Instead they take huge bundles of already grown grass seedlings, and by hand dig small holes in the ground about three inches apart from each other, placing one grass root at a time in the ground. They then soak the ground completely and wait. This process can take weeks and weeks depending on how much land must be covered and how many workers there are. The process takes forever, and no one who is hired to do it looks like they are enjoying themselves.

The pros are that you are able to provide work for many that might not have work otherwise, and that in just a few weeks you really do have a great looking lawn. I am just thankful that I am not the one doing the planting.

TADA! Finished product!


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