What Makes a House a Home?

After not feeling settled for the majority of our time here in Tanzania, I started to think about what really makes a house a home.

Is it a living room, with comfy chairs, bookshelves with trinkets and pictures hung?

Our Living Room

Is it having a guest bedroom and office where you can see the Indian Ocean everyday?

The Beautiful View from our guest bed/office.

Is it when you have lots of pictures up of friends and family?

Family and Friends Photos

Is it having Fresh Basil in the yard?

Fresh Basil that I grew.

Is it having a place to sit and enjoy each other’s company while reading a book, drinking coffee, or having quiet time?

A place to enjoy the view.

Or is it knowing where everything goes, having everything organized and encouraging notes up too?


Is it a kitchen that welcomes people warmly, is fully stocked and easy to cook in?

Is it having a table to share laughter and food with friends?

Dining Room (Please don't mind our disgusting curtains)

Is it a bedroom with an ocean view?

This year has been a bit chaotic when it comes to feeling settled in a home of our own. When we first moved here we lived in a house that we really loved and that started to feel like home, However, after just three months, we moved into a house literally next door on the compound. Although we very much appreciated our time in that house, our roommate Kate and other guests, there is sure something about living in your own home that just feels right.

After getting back from camps, we moved back into our previous house and have been able to make it feel more like a home. Although we will only be here for a short time, it feels so nice to have a place to call home. We have even had lots of parties already, just like we like it!

Although all of these pieces help to make a house a home, I think what really makes it the most for me is being able to have a house full of people who we love!


3 responses to this post.

  1. love the old / new house. you can expect a visit from christie and i in october…

    but NOT because we’re having another baby in dar. this will just be for a couple of movies, a bunch of pizza dinners, and some swimming at the beach.


    • Thanks. Loved your post about Greetings from Tanzanian kids. So true.

      Austin and I are heading back to the States in September, so we won’t be here to greet you. Bummer. We would have loved to catch up and see how big Baylor is! Kate will still be here, and Ben and Mary are coming this Friday, so I am sure they will gladly open this house to you.

      Hope you enjoy your time in Dar!


  2. Posted by Brother on July 31, 2010 at 8:48 pm

    Good posts my sweet! Miss you!


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