Humidity vs. Dry Heat

Austin and I come from the land of DRY HEAT. Now I know that many people may have maybe heard of dry heat, but having not experienced it, unaware of the difference between dry heat and humid heat. I thought I would take the time to explain some of the differences between the two.


1. You always need lotion. Doesn’t matter the time of year.

2. Your clothes never feel sticky.

3. When you get out of the shower, you barely need a towel to dry yourself off. The dry air does it for you.

4. When working out you usually don’t sweat until after the workout (unless your the type who sweats profusely, or you decide to run in the middle of the afternoon on a 110 degree day).

5. You can wear one outfit all day without it being soaked at any point in time.


1. There is no point to showering except to cool off.

2. Immediately after a shower you will still be dripping with sweat.

3. You do not have to be doing exercise to provoke sweating. It will happen naturally all day long.

4. Working out burns twice the calories and exhausts you twice as fast as a workout without humid conditions. (The calories part may not be true, but it sure does feel like it.)

5. Lotion is not necessary.

I have never lived in a place as humid as Dar es Salaam. Although, I have gotten more accustomed to it, I would not venture to say that I have started to like it yet. I will not miss being covered with sweat before I even begin a work out. Although Tucson, is pretty warm right now, I will take that dry heat over the humidity any day. I tell people this back home and they keep telling me that it is not dry right now. However, after looking at the humidity between the two cities even currently, (keep in mind we are in winter here now) Dar es Salaam is between 50 and 70% humidity, and Tucson between 20 and 30%. The average Humidity on a daily basis here is somewhere between the mid 60’s up until the mid 80’s with the “discomfort from heat and humidity” being marked HIGH for 8 out of 12 months of the year, and MEDIUM for the other 4 months. Don’t believe me check it out for yourself here Dar es Salaam.

I tried to find the same chart for Tucson, but was only able to get one for Phoenix, close enough. The average humidity on a daily basis in Phoenix ranging from 14 to 40 percent. Now that is what I call dry and comfy. The “discomfort from heat and humidity” column is marked high for only 3 months, medium to moderate for another three, and has NO marking for the other 6 months of the year. That is of course because there is no “discomfort from heat and humidity” those other months, and this is for Phoenix. Tucson, being far superior to Phoenix, and having cooler weather , has even better weather than this. For more check out this chart on Phoenix weather.

Anyways, I know I may sound like a bit of a whiner, but I just wanted to clarify the differences for those who may not have ever lived in such a humid place. The biggest benefit of the humidity here is that it means the ocean is near by, and is almost always perfect temperature to swim in.  MAJOR BONUS. Although, I have enjoyed living near the ocean, and have come to love it much more than ever before, I am very happy and grateful for dry heat and excited to get back to it.

This is how much Austin sweats on a normal day here in Dar. Poor guy. He was drenched.

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