IT Party!!!!

IT PARTY! (A term Austin has coined for he and his staff. Sounds way cooler than IT Department.)

When we first arrived Austin had no clue what he was going to be doing for HOPAC. He came as a “part time” employee, and had no established role yet. On his application he had put that he had been a life guard, and played the saxophone and piano. To this the school offered him the choice of helping out at the pool teaching swim lessons, and giving clarinet lessons. Don’t know where the clarinet lessons came from but we thought it was amusing.

Anyways, once the school year was underway and I was busily teaching my cute fifth graders, Austin started by filling his time helping the little kids with their swim lessons, taking Kiswahili lessons, and helping with some various IT projects. Over time, being the dedicated and hard worker that he is, this was just not enough for him. He slowly started to to more and more with the IT department. Then one day, our friend Ron, who was the head of the IT stuff, sports coordinator and so much more, informed us that he got a job elsewhere. This then opened the door to Austin going from IT helper, to the official IT Department Manager (a title that did not really exist before Austin took it over).

Being the business brain, and ideas man that he is, he decided to cast his own vision for HOPAC’s IT system. With this, in a matter of less than 9 months, he has now created an identity for the IT department, but more importantly revamped the entire network at HOPAC.

However, he has not done this alone, there are two other guys, Victor and Oscar, who have been working at HOPAC and who have helped make some of Austin’s projects come to life.


Victor has been working at the school as a part time consultant for a few years now. He has a lot of IT knowledge and is a great asset to the school and to Austin, as Austin has had no real IT training. Victor, is married and just had his first baby in April, Victor Jr.


Oscar, has also been working for the school for a few years, as an all around IT guy. Fixing computers, printers, and thing that needs fixing and overseeing the computer lab. Oscar, is super sweet, and is set to get married in October. Very exciting!

Over the course of this year together these boys have done so much to improve the school. From fixing  printers, fax machines, and scanners, to replacing hard drives. From getting rid of nasty computer viruses that were shared around the whole school, to recreating the server. From backing up the back up’s back up drive, to rewiring the entire campus. From getting a new internet provider that has increased the internet speed here by at least 10x from when we first got here, to purchasing a new copier that has been so needed. From teaching teachers, and being patient with teachers, who are IT clueless, to putting in 12 hour days. Austin, Victor and Oscar, have been dedicated to making sure that HOPAC is set up for success when it comes to technology.

As much as I am grateful for what Oscar, and Victor have done, it is really Austin who is the force behind it all. I love how he is the person who had no job at first, but quickly turned into one of the most valuable positions on campus. He started with very little, and lots of mix matched pieces, and has worked to make every aspect of IT better at school. The truth is that this is just who the Lord created him to be, and I know that he is capable of doing this at whatever job he is working. In my opinion, HOPAC has benefited so greatly from his hard work, and will continue to for years to come.

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