Back to School

HOPAC has been back in school for one week now. It is amazing how fast it seems that it all gets back into the groove of things so easily. Austin has been quite busy with making sure that everything is up and running well for the teachers, but it is not easy here. Servers crash, computers get fried, people have lots of questions. However, he is doing well and having fun too. The week before school started, Austin gave a presentation about IT and all of the ins and outs of what he and the rest of the IT department have been up to over the summer.

Austin giving his presentation. He even wore a tie. What a professional.

Besides that teachers were bustling around making copies, putting up bulletin boards, placing name tags on desks and making sure that all was ready for the first week of school. To kick off the first week for teachers, we decided to put together a teacher’s Game Night. First we all headed down to Verna’s Mexican, which is open once a week at Verna’s house. Verna is South African but she has the only Mexican restaurant around so it is a real treat. Then we headed back to the Larmey’s for game time. We had lots of fun and lots of teachers came, old and new. We played all sorts of games. Jenga. Rummikub. Connect Four. Twister. and much more. It was a great time for community, for new teachers to meet others, and for reconnecting with people we had not seen in awhile.

Jenga with the girls!

Don't know the game, but they sure were having fun!

Collecting the name tags after our large game of Who Am I?

Everyone trying to figure out who they were.


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