Things I will miss….

Bug Zapper Tennis Rackets.

My students.

Down time.

Particular Tanzanian foods- particularly cabbage, beans, mandazi chai and Mchuzi.

Fresh produce especially mango, passion fruit, enormous zucchini, and pineapple.

Small chat with the ladies at the Duka’s down the road.

Relaxing at the Ocean. Friends.

The Hopac Community.

Working with Austin every day.

Lots of Quiet time.

Seeing Masai.

Super cool handmade jewelry and wooden carvings.

The unique mixing of cultures in Dar es Salaam.

Fresh Zanzibar Spices.

Brightly colored Kangas.

Kuku na chipsi at Corner Bar.

World Cup watching with our African friends.

Woman miraculously balancing so much on their heads.

Riding in crowded dala dalas.

Soccer being played on any field, anywhere, using any means.

Bicyclists carrying huge loads of everything from chickens, to charcoal, to dusters, to bread, to massive amounts of eggs.

Street vendors selling plastic maps, phone credit, pillows, soccer balls, Tupperware, and much much more while sitting in traffic.

Five greeting minimums in all conversations.

Our guards Panclasi, Imani, and Francis.

Living in a closely knit compound.

Learning Kiswahili, even if I don’t know it that well still.

Fresh Passion and Mango fruit juices.

Quality Spicy Indian foods.

Hanging with YL Africa family.

Catching a Bajaj for a quick trip.

Bottled Soda (even though I don’t drink it much, I just think it is such a better way to serve it.)

Tanzanian kids saying hello and wanting to be near the wazungu.

Exploring how to cook, especially Tanzanian foods.

Arusha visits with cool mountains weather and our good friends Zac and Hannah.

Pet goats.

Simplicity of life.

Running on the beach regularly.

Oceanside dinners at Mediteranneo.

Watching YL kids dance at YL camps.

Sewing and woodworking fundi’s who can make you anything you want.

Paying upfront instead of with credit for everything.

$5 pedicures from Stella.

Having a house worker.

Quality time with our wonderful house worker and friend Jackie!

Ridiculously loud phone company traveling trucks advertising their products.

Brass wedding bands crammed in the back of a pick-up.

Lots of time for reading.

Crazy amazing times with our family here the Larmeys!

Obviously, there are many things that we will miss about life in Dar! Once again we have been so blessed by our time here and are so grateful to the Lord for all that He has provided for us here in Tanzania.

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