This is it!

The Indian Ocean view from our room!

I am typing this as I woke up super early, on our last full day here in Dar. The sun is rising over the Indian Ocean, which I can see from our bedroom, all is peaceful and quiet. This is making me so aware of the fact that I will miss Tanzania very much. Although the year has been so full, and seemed long at times, it is hard to believe that this is it. Stepping off of the plane just over a year ago we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, but we have nothing but gratitude for this experience.

We will truly miss Tanzania, and our friends here. At lunch yesterday, Austin and I wrote down things that we have learned from this experience and want to take back home to our life in America. I hope that we are able to make those goals a reality. We have both changed, been stretched and grown so much this year. I pray that we are able to keep it up.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us, encouraged us, and loved us, both here and around the world! I for sure would not have made it a full year here with out it.

Maybe one day we will make it back here, to visit, or even work again, but for now we are at peace in knowing that we are going back home. We are not really sure what God has in mind for us when we get there but we would love your prayers for safe travels, getting settled in and for the transition back to life in America.

Our last visit at HOPAC

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