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How Did We Get Here Anyways?

I realized I had never really blogged about how we got to Tanzania in the first place. Here is the short version:

Back in the summer of 2008, Austin and I had the pleasure of being part of the first ever International Assignment team for Young Life camps. Not really understanding the blessing God had given us at the time time, we can now see how much the Lord has worked through us and in us being there for the short time we were there.
While there we met and worked closely with, Alexis and Jackie, who are in charge of Arusha Young Life, Martin who is in charge of Nairobi Young Life, and Steve Larmey, who is the  vice president of YL Africa, and lives in Dar es Salaam with his family.
At camp Austin and I were still not married, but knew we were heading towards that and knew we wanted to do some sort of international work in the future. Pursuing the options in Latin America seemed like the best situation because of our knowledge of Spanish and love for Latin American cultures, but the door was not opening. I did however, get and invite from Dyan Larmey to come teach at the school her children attend. Because I had just finished my first year of teaching, which i disliked very much, I was very hesitant to say yes at the time.
After the amazing month with the team, Austin and I did get engaged and married a few months later. We then again began to pursue work abroad. Again no doors were opening in Latin America, but we got a mass email from Dyan about HOPAC, needing teachers including a fifth grade teacher. Austin and I read over the email and knew that this was the door we were waiting to open.
We quickly put together our applications and received word that we were accepted. From there we just had a few months to pack up, rent out our house, and figure out all of the logistics before moving to Africa. Ironically, China and the whole of Africa, were at the bottom of our list when it came to doing work abroad. But the Lord has a great sense of humor and Africa it was.
Coming to Africa for the first time, we had no idea what to expect, pack, or think, about what our time here would look like. We have been so pleasantly surprised by what our life here is, however it has not been easy and many times is extremely challenging.
We are not sure where the Lord will take us next, but we are grateful for the adventure we have been on so far.

Program with Sam, Martin and Alexis

Who would have known we would be with them in Africa 2 years later : )

The Oompa Loompas who were too tall and Miss Veruca. Good Times!

We Arrived!

Ok. We’re here safe! This is the official, and a bit tardy, post about us making it safely to Tanzania.
We arrived in Dar a week ago Thursday morning at 7AM local time here. After a quick swine flu form and some mix up with the visa process, we found all our bags and went outside to find our friend Steve waiting for us.

It was now 8AM and a perfect time to drive right through Dar es Salaam, the biggest city in Tanzania, to get to their house. Yeah right. Traffic is quite an adventure here. Fast and reckless LA driving is nothing compared to the skilled and often very brave driving tactics here. Let’s say we’re perfectly ok not having our own car to drive around at the time being. So it was a nice fun drive back to their house to see the rest of the family and have a bite to eat.

We arrived at their wonderful house to the open arms of Dyan (Steve’s wife) and their 4 awesome kids Tesfaye, Zoe, Caleb and Epiphany! We spent the next 5 days with them. They toured us around Dar and showed us how to get and do many things. It’s definitely quite different than many places we’ve been, but very fun to learn too. Their generous and loving hospitality was and still is super fantastic to have and rely on. We’re very lucky to have such awesome friends in Jesus here to welcome us as family.

Now we’re beginning to settle into our house after some days. We have some groceries, learned how to buy ourselves some power, are adjusting to turning the water pump on and off and finding ways to live with the ants just not as many of them hopefully. We’ve finished a whole week at school orientation, learning a great many things and finding lots of ways to appreciate HOPAC school. Amy will be teaching 5th Grade starting next Monday! I have already begun helping with some IT stuff. The school year should be lots of fun. We’ll update more on that next time. For now, here are a few pictures from the arrival last week. Enjoy!

There is us arriving, outside the airport in Dar
Some pictures of our house
First ride in a Pajoge (probably not spelled right), but a great form of transportation!
Our friends Steve and Dyan and us on the beach
Us next to a nice Baobob tree on Hopac campus
Amy’s Classroom!

The Sendoff Party!

Come join us for the send off!  You are all invited!

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

6:30PM – ish

4015 E Camino Llanoso – Tucson, AZ 85718

Please R.S.V.P. to Amy at 520-331-3760 /

or fill out the Online Form – Party RSVP

: Swimming : Food : Cold Drinks : Friends : Family :

Online Form – Party RSVP

Got our flights!

We’ll be flying to Dar.  I looked into driving directions and couldn’t seem to find a route that was as effective as flying.  So we got some plane tickets.

August 11th, 2009, evening:   depart Phoenix for London,

August 12th, 2009, who knows when:  arrive London,

August 12th, 2009, later:   depart London for Dar es Salaam

August 13th, 2009, morning:  arrive in Dar es Salaam

Tahdah!  With the two day flight time you can see why I might be interested in driving, but apparently it still takes longer.

Want to help?

First of all, thank you for thinking about trying to help us on this journey.

We would be very grateful to receive help from you in the following 3 ways:


The most important piece of this journey is and will continue to be Prayer.  Therefore your prayers are a huge help and we are very honored by them.  You can find our prayer requests on the page named “prayers.”  There is a link here above in green.


While we have saved and raised the majority of the funds we will need while serving in Tanzania, we still have a little more financial need left in order to be able to afford food, transportation and utilities.  We will be making a small amount of money while working at HOPAC school which will cover most of our living expenses, but will not be enough to cover all of our monthly expenses for basic needs.

If you feel called to help us to meet this expense, we would be very grateful.  We estimate a total need of about $10,000 according to all the estimates sent to us by people currently serving at HOPAC.  This will help us cover food, transportation and utilities while in Tanzania.  We thank you so much in advance for your gifts. (there is more information below about giving)

We have faith in the Lord for this provision.  Matthew 6:25-34.


We really love hearing from you!  Send us emails, postcards, boxes of really well preserved cookies, pictures, skype calls, anything.  Words of encouragement are a wonderful language of love which we respond very well to.  Please send any size supportive message to us that you want.  We love them all.

This journey is sure to be adventure filled with excitement as well as a test in many ways yet unknown to us.  Your encouraging word will help us emensly through the peaks and valleys of the next year.  While we will have some awesome community while in Africa, we will not have all of you there everyday.  So give us a shout.  Now and often.  We need your suppport!

Thank you,

Austin & Amy Baum


How to give financially.

There are 3 easy ways.  Choose your favorite.

1. ONLINE, via PayPay.  Fastest & Easiest.  We receive your donation to quickest this way.   Just click the Donate button.

2. CHECK. you can simply mail us a check to 4015 E Camino LLanoso, Tucson AZ 85718.  Easy as Pie!


Our friends at YoungLife have setup the ability to receive Tax Deductible Donations!  It’s extremely kind of them to process these for us.

  • CHECK. If you would like your check to be tax deductible, please make it out to YOUNGLIFE and put our names in the memo line.  We’ll take care of the rest!  Mail it here: 4015 E Camino LLanoso, Tucosn AZ, 85718
  • ONLINE. You can make tax deductibe donations online!  Follow these steps to make sure they get to the right place!
  2. enter YOUR infomation in the Donor section
  3. under “Gift Designation” click on “A YOUNG LIFE AREA MINISTRY”
  4. then search for the area number “X444”  –  You’ll see Baum/Tanzania when you find it.
  5. just enter your payment info below and click “Submit.”



We really are so grateful for your support!

Austin and Amy

Poor Charlie

The sadest part is that we have to leave poor Charles behind. He wants to go back to his homeland so badly, but it’s just not possible.

He’ll be safe with grandpa, but he will be sad too.  Poor guy.

Look how sad he is

Look how sad he is

Lots of info

So we’re been getting a lot of emails and conatct from friends and family.  It’s awesome how the word of this trip is spreading around before we even really tell anyone.  We’re working on getting this blog thin totally setup before we really announce it officially to the world, but many peeps know already.

Anyhow we heard from Jane at HOPAC and she answered a bunch of our questions.  Sounds like Amy will have a class of 23 students!  Awesome!  and if we do end up living right next to the school then we’ll have a nice 2 bedroom house where you all can come and stay!  We’re not taking reservations yet, but soon enough.

Amy also heard back from the current 5th grade teacher who gave her all kinds of great information about the class and school and everything.  We can’t wait to talk to her some more.

They are also putting us in contact with the folk who moved there last year and are living in the very same house they have available for us.  So that is a great resource and we look forward to hearing some stories from them.

We’re just trying to get all the information we can and get ready for this crazy adventure.  It’s going to be awesome.


Dar we come

We were accepted to teach at HOPAC (Haven of Peace Academy) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania on Friday morning. That’s in Africa. We told them shoot yeah last night. We’re going baby! Yeah Jesus!