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A Timely Delivery!

So for the past few weeks, I have been in a major slump. Missing family. Missing friends. Missing Tucson. Not feeling like a have a purpose in Dar.  And so on. Not to sound too depressed because really I am not, nor is life terrible here in anyway. On the contrary life is great here. The reality is that I am just in a homesick rut that hopefully will end soon with prayer and encouragement.

Anyways, yesterday when I went over to the Larmey’s for Bible study, Dyan told me that my packages had been picked up! YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!

The packages!

These are the packages that my mom sent me for Christmas, 10 total. They were post marked December 14th and got here in a month’s time. Not too bad if you ask me.  We also received a package from Austin’s Mom, which took a slight detour in  getting here because the Post Office confused TZ for Tasmania instead of Tanzania. Careful with that one.

I am so grateful that they came now and not at Christmas time. Filled with lots of things I had asked to be sent and lots of things that were just fun to get including hand sanitizer, GOOD facewash, real vanilla extract, granola bars, Christmas goodies, Trader Joe’s Dried fruits, framed pictures of our puppies, and so much more. One of my favorites for sure was the birthday card my brother sent me. He pasted a picture of me and him with Dad when we were 2 and 4. So precious. He wrote the sweetest note as well. I can’t believe he is so grown up now! What an honor it is to have him as a brother! I love you DREWBERS! Thanks a million MOM! Love you!

Christmas all over again!

The Lord knows so well when we need a little pick me up!

” Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, His love endures FOREVER!” Psalm 118:1


The Heartbreaking Realities of Adoption in Tanzania

Recently Austin and I have been doing some investigating about adoption. We met with an adoption lawyer, the only adoption lawyer in town, no in all of Tanzania, and found out some startling facts.

Tanzania is a closed adoption country, meaning that unless you are a resident you cannot adopt a baby. This is unlike countries like Ethiopia, Rwanda, or Ghana where you are free to adopt internationally there.

There are over 2 million orphans in Tanzania. Of the 2 million orphans only about 50 of them were adopted from July 2008 to June 2009.

The adoption process is extremely drawn out and takes much patience, because the government is weary of trafficking. The laws in Tanzania just changed, and they make adoption in Tanzania much harder. Tanzanians are not likely to adopt. It is not cultural and people just do not do it for the most part.

It is no wonder with so many orphans that we have friends that have chosen to adopt. We are praying that these new laws do not effect adoptions too drastically, so that more of the orphans can be placed into good homes.

Check out more information at  

Thoughts on Giving Birth in Tanzania

As mentioned in our earlier post, we have had some roommates for the past two months who came to Dar to give birth to their baby girl. She was born on December 4th at 2am. My roommate, another teacher and I were able to go see Miss Baylor Harrison later that day at the hospital. Thankfully, they had a private room with ac, of which there are only two in the whole maternity ward. Baylor was healthy as could be and things went relatively smoothly.

However, after watching Brett and Christie, going through their first few weeks of parenthood I have made a decision that I do not want to have a baby in Tanzania, or even in Africa at that matter. There are many reasons for this.

There are too many chances that things could go wrong and the doctor you are seeing has no idea how to take care of you or they take care of you but do it completely wrong. If the circumstance came to be and I had to have a baby here, I guess I would suck it up and go to Kenya or pay the big bucks at the clinic here.

Being so far away from friends and family during such a celebratory time would be so hard for me. When I was growing up all of the cousins would all go to the hospital and wait to see the new baby cousin. It was always so exciting. Plus I think my mom would kill me.

You need support afterwards as well. It is not just the giving birth that needs help but more the weeks afterwards, when you are exhausted, feeling completely strange about this new life style and needing as much help as possible. I want grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles and anyone else who wants to help, be able to help. Skype just doesn’t cut the mustard for this one.

Moral of the story is no babies in Africa. I shouldn’t say it too loud though, the Lord seems to keep doing exactly what I say I do not want.

Missing Home

Things I miss about home.

  1. Milk in a jug that comes cold.
  2. Simply Orange Orange Juice, medium pulp.
  3. Driving on the right side of the road.
  4. Clean water from the tap.
  5. Trader Joes.
  6. Running on the dry Rillito River.
  7. Arizona Sunsets and sunrises
  8. Bagels.
  9. The sun coming up before 6am.
  10. Snow in Pinetop to snowboard in.
  11. The incredible Christmas music at Church.
  12. The beauty of the desert.
  13. Organized soccer teams for adults.
  14. Sandwiches.
  15. Catalina, Santa Rita, Rincon and Tucson Mountains.
  16. Being able to run out to the store in a short amount of time.
  17. Good Cheese.
  18. Eegees.
  19. Do I even have to say it….. MEXICAN FOOD! Even Los Betos would taste like heaven to me right now.
  20. Playing with Charlie and Osa.
  21. Bible Study Girls.
  22. The ability to go to a gym.
  23. Not Sweating.
  24. Blueberry Pies.
  25. Riding around with Dad and the British Car Club.
  26. The Cabin.
  27. Decorating for Christmas.
  28. Fourth Avenue Street Fair.
  29. Dry Heat.
  30. Grapes.
  31. Being able to drive over to my parents whenever I want in a matter of ten minutes.
  32. BBQ’s.
  33. Large family gatherings and traditions especially, The March.
  34. Hiking.
  35. Watching my parents play with their horses.
  36. Sabino Canyon.
  37. Berries- Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, black berries.
  38. My brother horse shoeing all day long.
  39. Cousins. All of them.
  40. Wearing Shorts.
  41. Second hand stores, namely Savers and Bookmans.
  42. Winterhaven.
  43. Walking or running around the U of A campus.
  44. Our awesome YL community.
  45. Going to a Raging Sage to sit and chat with friends.
  46. Crazy Aunts and Uncles.
  47. Hanging out with my family 3 or 4 nights a week.
  48. Drewbers.
  49. Mom.
  50. Daddy.