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Lots of info

So we’re been getting a lot of emails and conatct from friends and family.  It’s awesome how the word of this trip is spreading around before we even really tell anyone.  We’re working on getting this blog thin totally setup before we really announce it officially to the world, but many peeps know already.

Anyhow we heard from Jane at HOPAC and she answered a bunch of our questions.  Sounds like Amy will have a class of 23 students!  Awesome!  and if we do end up living right next to the school then we’ll have a nice 2 bedroom house where you all can come and stay!  We’re not taking reservations yet, but soon enough.

Amy also heard back from the current 5th grade teacher who gave her all kinds of great information about the class and school and everything.  We can’t wait to talk to her some more.

They are also putting us in contact with the folk who moved there last year and are living in the very same house they have available for us.  So that is a great resource and we look forward to hearing some stories from them.

We’re just trying to get all the information we can and get ready for this crazy adventure.  It’s going to be awesome.